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Rainbow Slides | True Red Braids - Bamboo

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Rainbow Slides is a collaborationwithGrammy-award winning Zac Brown Band guitarist and celebrated Georgia author, Coy Bowles. Incredibly imaginative in text and cleverly illustrated by Joanna Davidovich, Rainbow Slides is featured in the delightful picture book encouraging children to use their creativity toimagine touching a color.Bowles’ whimsical, singsong approach to storytelling will charm children of all ages. Behind the Little Red Door: Can you Touch a Color encourages reading,imagination, and fun while learning for children, side-by-side with their adult counterparts.

Our signature Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® Certified 6 oz/sq yd (200 GSM) Bamboo blend Braided Headband 2-pack. Includes one of each: Rainbow Slides and True Red

Measurements (circumference):

Littlest ~ 30cm

Big Little ~ 38cm

Big ~ 42cm



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