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How to Celebrate Earth Day with your Kids?

by Jackie Fernandez April 12, 2024

Alterra's Team Joined Plastic Ocean Project on the Cleanup of our Shoreline

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Earth Day offers us a beautiful opportunity to cherish and honor the incredible ways our planet nurtures us, and to reflect on how we can lovingly preserve its gifts for generations to come.

From the soil that cradles our plants to the air and water that sustain life, there's an abundance of blessings to be grateful for from Mother Earth. This special day reminds us to reconnect with nature and give back in ways that nurture our planet and all its inhabitants.

Let's dive into these delightful Earth Day projects, perfect for children of all ages to enjoy as they explore and cherish our magnificent planet together.

Create Recycling Bins: Transforming used materials into new treasures is a beautiful way to care for our Earth. Designate special bins for recyclables like paper, plastic, metals, and glass. Add a touch of creativity by decorating the bins with images of the items they'll hold, making recycling a breeze for little hands. Engage the kids in the joy of sorting everyday items into their respective bins — it's a small act with big love for our planet!

Make an Animal Feeder or House: Bring smiles to the tiny creatures that grace your window or backyard with this heartwarming Earth Day craft. Upcycle materials like milk cartons, soda bottles, or popsicle sticks to create cozy shelters or bird feeders. Encourage your child's imagination to flourish as they craft these havens for our furry and feathered friends — it's a gift of love to the wildlife that shares our Earth.

Spread the Love: Let's make Earth Day a daily celebration of love and conservation! Join hands with the community in efforts like neighborhood clean-ups, tree planting, and recycling initiatives. Use recycled materials to spread the message of environmental stewardship far and wide — every act of kindness towards nature is a heartfelt gesture that our planet truly appreciates!

Photo credit: Plastic Ocean Project. AlTerra Retail volunteer Beach Cleanup Dec 4, 2023