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Why Fashion Needs to be More Sustainable?

by Jackie Fernandez February 22, 2024

Why Fashion Needs to be More Sustainable?

Fashion, a cherished aspect of our lives, is undergoing a transformation towards sustainability, fueled by a growing love for our planet and its creatures. The rapid pace of fashion in recent years has led to environmental concerns, particularly with the rise of fast fashion and the increased production of polyester. This surge has exacerbated issues like microplastic pollution, stemming from the use of synthetic fibers in clothing.

The impact of these synthetic materials on our environment is profound, with microplastics entering our waterways, soils, and even our bodies. Despite these challenges, there is optimism in the form of innovative initiatives such as recycled polyester, which offers a more environmentally friendly alternative.

As we navigate towards a more sustainable fashion landscape, let's embrace a compassionate approach that prioritizes the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. By making mindful choices and supporting brands committed to sustainability, we can weave a future where fashion harmonizes with nature, enriching both our style and our world.

Avoiding incorporating plastic in the materials used to manufacture our clothes is clearly going to reduce the number of microplastic fibers released into the environment (De Francesca & Pace et al, 2019)

Alterra is committed to providing you with high quality clothes made from materials that have no more than 5% synthetic fibers.

Join us to protect our oceans & environment. Together, let's make a positive impact!

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